Yesterday I had the words going over and over in my heart “You will see and enjoy the fruits of your labour”. As I have sat with the Lord I heard these words:
“It’s time to see the fruits of your labour. It’s time to see the harvest! It’s time to see the ‘fruit’ in manifestation of all the times you have said “YES” to me behind closed doors, it’s time to see the the fruit of your steadfast heart. I have seen every time that you have put one foot in front of the other. I have seen every time that you have continued to flow the ground without results. I have seen every time you have cried out to Me and believed My Word yet there has been no shift. I have seen every tear you have cried, I have seen every moment that you have continued to follow Me, the call on your life and not abandoned the promises I have given you. There has been a great shaking in this season of fire and what is truly built by Me is coming out stronger!!!! The season of fire was intended to purge, purify, strengthen and increase!!!
It’s harvest time! It’s harvest time!
It’s time now where you are going to LAUGH and LAUGH LOUDLY at the enemy and the giants that were mocking you. It’s now time to  look at them and LAUGH as the FRUIT OF YOUR LABOURS and STEADFAST HEARTS begin to erupt.
The eruption of the fruits of your Spirit-led labours and steadfast hearts are going to come suddenly and will position you in alignment into a slipstream of grace that will see the tables turned. It will see the season changed from hitting hard ground over and over and over with little fruit, to a grace, a slipstream of ease and GREAT fruit.
The dark nights of the soul that have been walked, the price that has been paid, the cost of obedience, the sacrifices, it has not been for nothing, it’s all been for Me, and what a delight you are to My heart. Not for what you do, but for who you are, because you are Mine. My heart leaps and rejoices over you and who you are and I delight in you for YOU and not what you DO. As you have moved in obedience to Me and not given up, you are now going to see great harvest.
Where the locust has attempted to keep you ‘locked away’ from harvest by stealing, killing and destroying, I am now LEAPING YOU INTO HARVEST. You are moving into your harvest moment with great acceleration, joy and strength. In the breakthrough of your harvest, I will reinstall hope, refresh strength and release greater impartations to see and then to shift.
For such a time as this! For such a time as this! Don’t let the enemy tell you all of this and the fruit of your Spirit-led labours has been for nothing. As you have built by the leading of My Spirit and continued to build and contend when there has been little breakthrough, you have been partnering with Me to see a greater display of My promise and fruits of your breakthrough burst forth than what you have dreamt about. I am breathing hope afresh! The fruits of your Spirit-led labours are about to be seen and ENJOYED. A season of ENJOYING the HARVEST is here. Even in the busyness of the harvest, there will be a REST IN THE HARVEST, a REST OF HEART that many of you have not known before. A new level of rest in the harvest will be met. A season to TRULY ENJOY the abundance of fruit of your Spirit-led labours.”


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  1. Thank you so much for this word. . . It is a confirmation to me of what the Lord spoke to me over the weekend. . . . the Lord has had me to sow seed for many years, and I have often been moved onto the next field, never seeing the fruit of my labor. . . the Lord told me He was pleased and would soon show me some of the fruit that I have sown into His Kingdom. . . Bless you.

  2. I loved this word, truly was a love letter from Papa ! God my Father! I am so encouraged to continue the walk of faith and authority in His Kingdom !

  3. The lord will keep his promise and I believe he will do this very thing he has promised. But, please lord don’t tarry, for I am weak and worn and soo very very tired, I have toiled long and hard. Please come lord, please come. My heart and would need to be rejuvenated. It is empty.

  4. A tailor-made remarkable word of Great Confirmation…timing and depth of Accuracy is outstanding. This such a blessing!

  5. Thanks last week I was in the store and the Holy spirit told me to buy this sign that said LAUGH I did but didn’t laugh till now!!

  6. Thank you Lana, this really hit home with me,,,right where the heart is. God bless you for your faithfulness in sharing the words He has placed in your spirit for the Body of Christ.

  7. This word came here in an appropriate time, waiting a long time, very long time. Our spirit and our soul needed a boost, and this did it. Glory to His Name for ever, He is faithful, and knows our frailties. We are so grateful for this word in season. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

  8. Glory to God! Glory to God! Glory to God! Thank you Father that You are always faithful and true. Your mercies are new each morning, great is Thy faithfulness. You alone are worthy of praise. Thank You for all things out for our good because we love You, our Lord, our Savior, our Redeemer.

    Blessings to you and your family Lana.

  9. Today has broken into an experience of relational joy with the LORD. I’m so grateful for this “refreshment.”

  10. A testimony from a healing conference last night. I wrote this in teaching form b/c their are people attending who have nver seen this.
    My original prayer request last night was for God to help me in my Life to put obeying Him above my feelings. I was putting my feelings above His desires in areas of my life, also, not giving credence to other people’s feelings.
    Then there was a deeper issue where my husband and I had been given many words (prophetic) when we went to charismatic churches before and after we were married that we would be missionaries and this never happened. So there was a feeling a incompleteness and huge disappointment which I have already grieved and allowed the Lord to deal with. But Satan loves to bring up issues connected with it in my mind.
    Robyn responded by saying there is no condemnation and we are released. She was touching me and I felt the Spirit touching me and my body start to relax and sway backwards. I could have resisted this and remained standing, but I allowed the Lord to let me lay down. This is called “being slain in the spirit”. I asked the Lord at that point to allow me to be obedient to stay on the floor until He was done showing me everything He wanted to do in me. The Lord wants us to be available to Him, even if it seems unusual. This has happened to me at least 12 times in my life, so I am comfortable with it.
    So then she and Helen prayed for me to be whole in my spirit. At first I did not feel or hear anything unusual. I had my hands raised up. Then I heard, ”Satan ripped the ministry I wanted to give you out of your hands and I am replacing it whole and better than before.” Robyn said, “Whoa”. She saw 2 apostolic angels the Lord was giving to me. I was sensing a deep love from the Lord at this point and did not see the angels myself, but very assured that the Lord was doing something great in my heart.
    Then I heard, “I am singing over you”. One second later Robyn said, “The Lord is singing over you a new sang of Marilee”. I have not heard this song yet.
    Then, she put her hands on my hands and said when the Lord says to lays hands on people, do it and they will receive the spirit.
    Helen was praying for healing of my mind and wholeness to be restored. Not being a missionary the way I believe the Lord wanted us to be has been a huge shot in our identity as Christians- a huge stumbling block in my relationship with my husband. The Lord has released me from this and put his wholeness in my heart.
    Then Robyn prayed I would have a case of the giggles. You might have seen people who roll around laughing…This is real and the holy Spirit definitely uses joy to help us know Him better and to fill us up. They prayed for joy, more than I can contain. Hey! God.


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