Greetings and happy new year from Lana Vawser Ministries!

We are excited about 2016, and hope for great things this year.

This is just a quick email, to update you on a couple of things.

Firstly, we just thought it was quiet over Christmas, but it seems the contact forms on our website have not been working. If you have sent us a message in the last couple of months and we have not replied please try again, or email us directly at [email protected]

We are gearing up for a busy and exciting year. We have 6 weeks of ministry planned in USA between Feb and March this year (please look on the itinerary page ( for more information). I have added all service times to the best of my ability, please check the corresponding websites for more information and confirm dates and times.

We are having some exciting conversations with people about more events this year. We have plans in Perth, (Australia), Adelaide, Alice Springs, Hobart, Melbourne and Queensland, as well as potentially another visit to USA later this year.

We will continue to update the website with more information as things are confirmed, and please feel free to register your interest if you would like Lana to come and minister at your community.

We pray that you are all blessed, and are having a wonderful beginning to the new year.

Blessings in Christ

Kevin and Lana Vawser


  1. Praying for you travel mercies and God’s Grace upon you as you are preparing for travel in this season. May God cover and keep you and your family on your travels. May His angels keep watch over you.

  2. Please let us know when you’re planning on being in Perth to minister… would love details to pass on to family & friends. Blessings

  3. We enjoy all of your posts and mostly your prophetic gift.
    I am wondering if God will give you an answer for me as I have been trying to sell a buisiness property for the last five years to no avail.
    Thank you John Guard

  4. Thank you for being such a blessing and inspiration to my life over the past months. May the Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus be with you as you advance His Kingdom!

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