As I sat with the Lord today I felt the Lord highlighting the Pioneers again. Where there has been intense shaking, where there has been intense opposition, the enemy has come hard against many Pioneers SPECIFICALLY in the area of the “VISION” that the Lord has placed in their heart and the very thing that they are contending for.
The enemy has come hard against many in the attempt to get many of these Pioneers to abort their mission, because their VISION is about to manifest in new and fresh ways. There is a heavenly reinstatement being released over the Pioneers that is going to see them take their position in their vision again stronger, more refreshed and renewed than before.
The Lord is going to download refreshment in the vision to the Pioneers. The enemy is hitting many of these Pioneers hard and attempting to bring them to a place of giving up because there is a BIRTHING of the vision that is happening and others are about to catch the vision in new and fresh ways and begin RUNNING with their vision (Habukkuk 2:2) alongside them.
Many of the Pioneers have felt lonely, and isolated, but the Lord is bringing divine connections to “run with the Pioneers” in this season. The Lord is drawing the Pioneers together, to stand together on the frontline and support and encourage each other. As the Pioneers move forward, linked arm in arm, the greatest birthing for the Pioneers is about to take place in the next 12 months.
I felt the Lord say “The next year is a year to hear the Pioneers”. That the Lord is now beginning and over the next 12 months to raise up the Pioneers into positions of influence, favour and opportunity to begin speaking with greater authority on what they believe the Lord is saying and where He is leading and what is in His heart for the new.
The enemy has been screaming “WITHDRAW” and the Lord is declaring “SOAR”. Pioneers, as I wrote in the word I released yesterday, it’s time for a new level. The “waiting” and “transition” is the hardest part, but you are forging a pathway the NEW SEASON that’s upon us.
The confusion, the disillusionment, the lack of clarity that has come over many of the Pioneers as they have become ‘confused’ in the vision is about to BREAK. A new level of clarity is coming in the ‘reinstatement’ of the vision over Pioneers that they will arise with a new level of discernment, insight and heavenly revelation that has far surpassed anything that they have experienced before. The revelation that shall flow from the Pioneers shall drip like honey into the body of Christ and bring DEEP HEALING to the Church and a strengthening and energy to move forward into the new season that is upon us.
In the increase of clarity that the Lord is releasing upon the Pioneers, I saw that the “seeds” that they have faithfully sown over and over and over and over and over without “much result” are about to turn to KEYS. The SEEDS are turning to KEYS, keys to unlock breakthrough, keys and strategy to unlock cities. A divine upgrade of revelation and revelatory insight in how to bring the Kingdom in places and cities. There is a mantle for “insight into the heart of nations” being released over the Pioneers and it will begin in intercession. The Lord is releasing “strategies for intercession” over nations into the hearts of Pioneers to begin praying into. The Lord is going to begin to download His heart for certain places and nations into the Pioneers hearts and as this happens, keep seeking His heart for what He is saying, for He is giving you keys for strategic prayer into that place that will create a pathway and begin shifting things in the atmosphere before many of you actually go to those nations and begin doing the “ground work”.
Where there has been “lots of hard work, lots of sowing and little fruit” there is a turning happening where many of the Pioneers are going to move into the “slip stream” of His favour, grace and anointing for their faithful stewarding and contending that is going to see “little effort, maximum reward/return”. Pioneers, there is a turning happening. Don’t abort your mission, for you are on the brink of the greatest shift of your life. The enemy is screaming LOUDLY because you are moving through the threshold of destiny to the next strategic season in your life where you will see destiny and opportunity collide.
Get ready to ride the wave of Holy Spirit breakthrough Pioneers. Well done and thank you for all you have done to continue to forge a way forward. Thank you for standing on the frontline and not giving  up for the Lord and the work He is doing. I honour you! The favour, vindication, breakthrough, refreshing and divine turnaround into a heavenly slipstream is upon you. New doors of destiny are about to suddenly appear before you.


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  1. Lana – you are such a blessing to me! I went to Psalm 61 and 62 and your message dovetail right within HIS words in His Psalms! I am so grateful for your blessed words! Thank you! Love you! Martin

  2. That’s just what I needed this morning! I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck so I spent time with the Lord. As I cried out to Him, along the lines of maybe I didn’t hear Him correctly, as I no longer feel I am in the right place or doing anything. I felt peace come as I heard Him say that He knows my heart and its my faith that pleases Him. I began my day by checking my email. There were 2 New emails from a sister in Christ that has always called me a pioneer. She said as soon as she saw the title of Lana’ s messenger she sent them to me! I wept tears of relief and joy over those words. Praise the Lord for all His faithful ones delivering His messages! God bless you all! Let us lift our heads and forge forward into our new season, fellow pioneers!

  3. Thank you so much for your heart and obedience to release the word of the Lord. This word resonates with me on so many levels in this season.


    Tanya Maxwell

  4. Thank you Lana! Timely word and right on target. Was battling extreme weariness to the point where I was losing focus and hope. Cried out to our God of hope to fill me with his joy and peace . he gave me 2 kings 3:16-23. Keep digging ditches of worship, praise and prayer and He will fill them even when you don’t ‘see’ anything in the natural shifting. …. Later yesterday evening I read your word and it confirmed so much for me. Thank you and bless you for your encouragement to us all!

  5. I am under attack at present with acute ill health- 48 hrs till I fly to Capetown to pray with my Christian sisters- please link shields with me that I shall be an overcomer in Him and be given massive favour to go well.Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your faithfulness and encouragement in sharing the messages. They resonate so strongly in my spirit and greatly encourages me and so many others in these dark, difficult and challenging times. May you, your ministry and your family be blessed abundantly for your faithfulness and obedience. Shalom. Much love and blessings. Lynette.

  7. I have been in this not knowing fully what is was,husband and mans church have placed me without suport or help but my help comes from the LORD .LORD of ALL LORDS

  8. Lana, Thank you for giving this word! I’m praying into and alongside this word. This was right on! We love you and the ministry the the Lord has given you.

  9. Pioneers, pioneers, pioneers!! I kept seeing Upper Canada Village is where I live in Eastern Ontario. How was that village created? Since damn sites were determined decades ago on the St. Lawrence River, a wider river would be created. Houses had to be relocated. Some of the houses were relocated to Upper Canada Village to recreate a ‘picture’ of Pioneer life that could be visited by the world.

  10. Thank you Lana for letting God lead you. Your words were delivered to a worn out, weary pioneer who felt isolated, lonely and without a vision. I now know that God sees me and has a plan for all of this. I can’t wait to see how these divine connections play out in my life and in others who this message is for. God bless you!

  11. thanks Lana. this morning I woke up and felt really weary. I found your newsletter and began to weep. Keep on spreading God’s Words because lately it’s so difficult to keep hope.
    God bless you.

  12. Thank u so very much bless you for the message of Sun. Dec.6 it brought such hope and encouragement to my heart! I so love the can do encouragement the Lord gives His bride and I receive it all with open heart and arms! Thank u again dear sister love kim

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