I want to preface this word by saying what I always state regarding seeing angelic hosts but spoken so well by Bill Johnson “We don’t worship angels but we would be stupid to ignore them.”

Yesterday I had two encounters with the Lord, one was where I saw Him release angels of overflow and in the other I saw Him release angels of provision. This is the second or third time I have seen angels of provision released this year and when I asked the Lord about it, He said that many have been under intense financial stress and pressure this year so He is really focusing on meeting the cries of His people in these areas. He also said that the body of Christ is moving deeper into a spirit of financial generosity that they have not known before. Generosity that is going to see a greater extension of His kingdom through many avenues but specifically finances to feed the poor, help widows and orphans and many other areas. The people of God being raised up as the most generous people on the planet. 
In the encounter I had yesterday I saw a HUGE angel of provision with the largest wing span I have ever seen. This angel was released on an assignment from the Lord over the people of God crying out for financial breakthrough and provision and standing in faith. 
I saw this angel hovering and as it flapped its wings everything shook. I could hear the “whoosh” of its wings moving in the wind of the Spirit. When suddenly out of the crevices of the feathers of its wings I saw gold coins begin to fall . The words rung in my spirit “provision from heaven”. This angel was ushering in the financial provision  of heaven first in the spirit and then manifesting in the natural. 
It struck me that these coins came from the crevices of the wings and I felt the Lord say “unexpected places”. Provision is going to spring up out of the most unexpected places. Expect to see financial provision come from places you haven’t even thought of. 
Also the size of the angel stood out to me and I felt the Lord say that the size of the angel and its wings represent the huge flow of provision into the body of Christ, it will spread far and wide and the size of its wings represented just how far this provision will enable the kingdom of God to be established and the people of God to soar in their callings and giftings in their practical out working and resourcing to see His Kingdom established. 
Lastly I felt the Lord say that where there has been financial crisis and stress in the world now one of the greatest moves of heavens financial provision is being released into the body of Christ in this season to see the Church step further forward to extend the Kingdom and release aid to the nations.
Financial pressure is breaking over the people of God as they stay in faith and steward well what the Lord is releasing. Lean into His heart to hear the specific wisdom of God being released to steward this breakthrough well. 
The angel of provision has been released to usher in a greater level of financial provision. 


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  2. I never heard of this angel of provision and looked it up. Here it is. The Lord told me I have an angel of provision in my home and an angel of completion as well. I have been praying about a project with a friend of mine for a year and believe the Lord is going to act on what we have been praying about. So both provision and completion are needed. Thank you!

  3. There is no time frame to God’s revelation. I saw this was written in 2015 but this morning I had a dream/vision of the Angel of Provision. God has taken myself and my husband out of the working world and I believe we will be in full time ministry. We will no doubt have to trust God now in ways we never had before. I was lead to look up Angel of Provision and here I am… God confirming my dream and what He has spoken to our hearts.
    Praise and Glory be to God!

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  5. In my 20 years of the walk with The Lord,I have never heard of ‘the angel of provision’.As we were having family prayer day today at around 12:30,The Lord put in my spirit to pray over each of my family members about the release of the angel of provision.It was about financial breakthrough over my wife,kids and the extended family.
    It is now 1am.I have had to search if there is anything like an angel of provision.Here I have found the answer.How do I welcome this angel of provision to experience finances from heaven?

  6. We must have PATIENCE that his will,will be done.And continue to praise and have FAITHn in our Lord JESUS CHRIST and our prayers will be answered.It may take time but thy will be done.A-MEN!!!

  7. I must tell you! As I was reading this post I was shaking my head for I have received the same message myself and have been spreading the news.. well I went to post my comment


    I must tell you! As I was reading this post I was shaking my head for I have received the same message myself and have been spreading the news.. well I went to post my comment

  9. Thanks be to God, for his grace and mercy upon my life despite the ups and downs he has always been with me. I pray his angels will continue to guide us, amen

  10. It seems to me that every post here is perfectly aligned with what I have been hearing from God over a period of 3 months or so. What I have been lacking was a confirmation. Now God in His faithfulness has led me to this website and am momentarily numb at the VERY SPECIFIC confirmation of His message. All glory to His everlasting name. Amen.

  11. On the 1st of November, I saw my self in a dream, I was about the distance of half a football field from my home and I could see two angelic beings in front of my house as soon as I saw them I knew they where angels and the whole atmosphere changed. One was standing, the angel was about 10 feet tall, the other angel was bending down as if he was writing something on the floor and in his bent down state he was still over 6 feet tall. As I stood there wondering what was going on, I suddenly felt an angel next to me. I heard the words “help has arrived”. I was then suddenly awakened and the atmosphere in the house for the next few hours felt like I had experienced in the dream/visitation. This was the 1st time I had experienced a visitation like this, so reading this blog has really given me clarity.

  12. Just read your post on the subject of “Provision from heaven”!! I loved it, and I so needed to hear it. Will you be in agreement with me that I also will receive abundance form Heaven!! I’ve been our of full time work since May, I have been searching for full time employment, but have not found work yet. I do believe God is bringing me to a place of complete dependence on His provision, and teaching me to trust Him. I am yielded to His will, I’m just used to working and having a job to meet our needs. Could God be removing those things that I once trusted in, that I may come to a place of complete trust in Him to supply all of my needs? I’m learning,( maybe the hard way) to trust Him with all my heart, and lean not to my own understanding!! I always live to receive from your teachings and revelation from God, on your posts on Spirit Fuel, now I’ve have subscribed and am looking forward to feeding more on what Father God reveals to you!! God bless you and your’s, in Jesus mighty name !!! Amen !!!

  13. We are facing 7 fat years & 7 lean years. The lean years are the trib period (obviously), & the fat years are preparation time for the lean years. It’s an absolute necessity for the Body of Christ to experience supernatural prosperity, so the gospel can continue to go out during that time. No man could ever earn enough money to pay for it all just by working for it.

    I have been under a great strain of financial stress!!! My Jubilee has begun & I receive this Word from God, in Jesus’ name. With God ALL things are possible, & the Angels are sent to minister to the heirs of salvation. We are heirs of God & co-heirs with Christ. Also, the Angels hearken to the VOICE of His Word! Hallelujah!!! Amen & Yes!

  15. We Praise “You Lord” in advance for “Your” Provision to be a blessing to the Kingdom and to exceed our responsibilities, to bless others. I receive it “Now” for this is my heart’s desire to help others as “God” commands. God bless you for this word!

  16. I receive this wonderful wonderful word. I have been standing in faith warring over my prophesy. I believe the Lord is doing these amazing things. HE SHOWED ME SOME TIME AGO HE WILL BLESS MYSELF AND CHILDREN WITH FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE. We have been waiting for 2and half years now , I BELIEVE THE SEASON AS ARRIVED . PRAISE GOD. THE LORD WILL GIVE US THE OPPORTUNITY TO BRING LIFE TO THE DESOLATE PLACES. My children and i are extremely excited about helping other ministerial units and less fortunate widowed or single parent homes. I BELIEVE the abundance will be a tremendous delight in helping others AS JESUS OUR KING OF KINGS CAME AND WAS THE BEST EXAMPLE OF BEING A SERVANT. JESUS TAUGHT US WHAT REAL KING BEHAVIOR IS. BLESS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS OUR CHRIST. Fther God i thank you for choosing me and trusting me to take on such a responsibility, FATHER i ask for your devine wisdom and guidance. Show me and teach oh Lord like Soloman like king David ,im part to ke your devine discernment oh Lord that i may keep your decrees all the days of my life. I praise you Father,i thank you Father in Jesus Mighty and Matchless name I pray Amen.

  17. Thank you for being a willing vessel that you bring forth a POWERFUL SPOKEN Word of GOD. I was praying about financial breakthrough,my calling and gifts to be revealed and the closer i get to the heart of God this will be release in Jesus name THANK YOU FOR THE PROPHETIC WORD.

  18. Amen . Why not us God! We have the hope the world needs
    We hold by the grace of God… the very fullness of the God Heaf. Wow let’s do this church
    Let’s rise up… shake it all off. .. and bring the KINGDOM OF GOD TO EARTH

  19. Praise God! I keep telling myself a shift is getting ready to take place. I am in need of a financial blessing! I am thanking God in advance for this financial blessing! Lord let it overflow!

  20. I have been so aware that ALL is available to those who just simply trust and believe. The only thing holding anyone back is fear. Fear that God did not actually mean that his wonderful promises were meant for me personally. That is the lie I see manifesting over and over. Those who believe Jesus’ words and benefits are being received by someone, but not by them personally. 366 time the Bible tells us NOT to FEAR. I began speaking out loud to these situations…a very simple statement when fear tried to rise up and steal my blessing. I am sharing it with you and your readers. I just say aloud…”No. Lord you told me not to fear, so I am not!” And if I had to say it 3 or 4 times a day, I said it…till my mind actually began to believe what my mouth was speaking. I have seen many manifested victories just overcoming my fears. You will come to the place, it does not occur you to fear most of the time…you are assured your Heavenly Daddy is in charge and He is taking care of your every need.

  21. This word is fantastic and yes, it is time that the financial pressure fall of the children of God. I expect major breakthroughs and need wisdom to steward His provision for advancing the Kingdom of God on earth!
    Thank you Pappa!

  22. Amen yes fund the Harvest of the Kingdom of God on the earth. I pray for effectiveness to reap the white harvest that is ready to be reaped. I want everything that the Blood of Jesus cries out for on the earth. The books scrolls of his children to be opened and released and fulfill God Will.

  23. Praise God for this Word. I receive it by faith in God. Thank you Father for providing all of my needs according to your riches & glory. Thank you God for turning things around in my life, these soon to be 7 yrs have been the rough years, so I thank you for this jubilee year of provision. Bless your servant whom you entrusted to give this Word, for your Word said you take pleasure in the prosperity of your servants. Thank you Pappa God!

  24. To God be the Glory!!! I was just praying and seeking the Lord today about His giftings in my life and to please provide His opportunities to allow me to use these gifts for financial provisions. I have been trying to overcome financial burdens for years so I humbly and favorably receive this timely word.

    Many Blessings to you and your family.

    • I can’t wait…for the angels of provision I believe that God will lift up His chosen ….generation…the we are the last days I want to be the Kingdom financer here on earth. …its my graterst desire….in Jesus name

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