The Lord is building bridges of favour leading His people to unexpected but glorious new relationships and places. Be on the lookout for the bridges, connections and networks He is building before you for they are leading to a new level of birthing and catapulting. These bridges are opening greater doors of divine destiny. Don’t be put off by “how they look” or “where you think” they are leading, follow the prompting of His Spirit for He is leading you into a glorious place where only He could get you.


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  1. God gave me a vision recently about moving from South Carolina to San Francisco, CA when I move back home to the USA from Australia. Today, I felt prompted to check your website because I hadn’t in awhile. [thank you.]

  2. God, there is no one else like You, nor anyone who can do the things You and only You can do, because in You is all the Power, Strength, Authority, You Speak and is done, all thing in heaven, on earth, the oceans, and even the things under the earth; they all respond at Your Mighty Word, and at the sound of Your Voice, Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

  3. I just read your December 16, 2014 posting. I wanted to comment on it…but was unable. Persistent woman that I am, I’m choosing to comment at today’s posting 🙂

    I thought again about “tesselation”. It brings to mind the opposite of “desolation.” This is significant to me since I am an Isaiah 54 recipient some 35 years back.

    I just saw a tesselation online, made up of fish! This is very beautiful, orderly, patterned skillful work. No spaces are allowed between the tiles.

    Relying on Google as I often do these days, the root of tesselation is also interesting:

    In American the meaning of the name Tess is: Reap; from Therasia. English Meaning: The name Tess is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Tess is: Abbreviation of Teresa, meaning harvester.
    Tess name meaning – SheKnows

    I’ve just been sitting here, figuring out the poetry behind His promises, given December 2010…and coming up with some tesselation-looking math to guide me 🙂

    These are very interesting and exciting times…filled with invitations into intimacy with God like never before.

    Bridges and connections… everything goods leads back into the very Heart of God.

    It’s been a meaning-filled day.

  4. This validates the point that people are actually waiting on circumstances to change. When they say “God” they mean “circumstances”

    Over the years it has been taught that Christians shouldn’t look at their ‘circumstances’ and look to God. But God works through circumstances such as mentioned above.

    it takes a new contact to change your life, Joseph met Pharaoh, Abram met the king, Jacob wrestled. So whether a new business contract is needed, a new tech support guy to change the church marketing program, new customers, new job, or whatever; The fact is he is going to use the resources available on the earth ‘THROUGH PEOPLE’.

    1. Elijah was forced to move from place to place to be fed and…
    2. The Widow was within hours of dying until someone came along. Yes.

  5. My adult son told me last evening about the event he was attending this Saturday for Bridge Day. He explained that the persons who were going to be taking “Base Jumps” are highly qualified and have gone through layers of training and preparation.
    I wondered at the LORD’s timing of your post today and the reference to looking for bridges He is providing.
    I will take these “coincidences” of timing to Him for more of what He is saying.
    Thank you, LANA!

  6. Thank You Jesus!!

    Just had a flash of the astounding huge; long and towering concrete bridge in Cornwall, Ontario that has been almost entirely taken down at this time!! The concrete pilons were tall as buildings and remained there for decades. Now it is nearly gone; no longer needed. Thank you Lord for the new bridges that you have brought about. We love the changes You have made!! Almighty God REIGNS!!

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