Watch out this week for powerful encounters with the Lord concerning your destiny. Encounters with the fire of God are happening to ignite His people to levels of hunger and passion to know Him and to see the greatest move of His Spirit ushered in on unprecedented levels. The fire of His love is being released powerfully in encounters to burn away chains and call you forth in your true identity. Lies of identity are burning away suddenly in the fire of His love and you as the burning one for Him are arising onto a new level of freedom. The Lord is moving swiftly in the area of deliverance and freedom. His fire is falling on giftings and exploding them onto a whole new level. Suddenly the increase in your gift will make room for you!

Watch out for powerful confirmations of your calling and destiny from and in this week.

Especially those of you who don’t know what your next step is and those of you who feel it is “too late” to step into your destiny, His eyes are on you and going to rekindle the fire.

Watch out for how He is going to break out of boxes we may have put Him in and display His Glory and faithfulness.
This is a week for “greater next steps”. Bigger next divine steps are being birthed and revealed from this week forth. These divine steps will not only contain new levels of hearts desires manifest, but links and networks to moving you into the fulfilment of destiny dreams but see delays that have happened in your life SUDDENLY TURN TO DIVINE DISPLAYS of A NEW DAY! He is healing your disappointments and moving you into your next divine appointments.


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  1. I am already experiencing changes and God’s blessings in my life. Thank you for the great word. I look forward for more of His prophetic words of encouragement. I love you my DADDY GOD with all my heart.

  2. tuve una visión donde yo ungia al apóstol de mi congregacion, a unos niños y a unos hermanos , el espiritu santo me decia que soplara al apóstol en la boca. Quisiera que me esplicara mas sobre esta vision

  3. Yes! Praise God! I was just reading T.D. Jakes new book Destiny moments before finding your post today. God is doing a new thing. Excited about the destiny steps before me and the divine displays of a new day to come this week.

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