Where there has been disappointment, I felt the Lord saying “HE IS SETTLING THE MATTER”. You may not get the “answer” or the “why” to past disappointments, He does not disappoint, and now He is breathing healing life into hearts that will “suddenly settle the matter” through a deeper encounter with His love that will SUDDENLY break those chains of disappointment and ignite the fire to dream again.


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  1. Across the pond your words were spoken to specific people on this specific day!!! Thank you for putting the words from God down for all to see — they made multiple specific impacts to the Father’s glory!!! 🙂

  2. Yesterday, prayer had a tone I couldn’t find a word for. The words you chose in the title of this post cause me to feel…content.

    When I looked again at the words Anne Graham-Lotz spoke via Charisma magazine, “I’m expecting to see Jesus” I was startled to hear “eat Jesus”…

    This old song began to flow…
    “Sons of God
    hear His Holy Word.
    Gather ’round the table of the LORD,
    eat His Body
    drink His Blood
    and we’ll Sing a Song of Love
    Hallelu, Hallelu, Halleluja….
    there are likely other verses to this

  3. Your posts, visions, revelations encourages me. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m currently experiencing a situation that shakes my faith, but when I saw this, it just increased my faith and hope more with Him. Praise God to the Highest! God bless you even more, Miss Lana. <3

  4. Lana! This very thing happened yesterday for me, and hope flooded my being, and I literally felt “settled” for the first time in a very long time!!! Thank you so much for listening to Papa and encouraging us to stand firm and not give up. I believe the key word today is: “Establishment” (Isaiah 54:14) God is establishing His people in their dreams and destinies! Amen

  5. Bless you, Lana
    In the company of so many, I enjoy your posts and the word of the Lord through you. What a blessing you are to the body of Christ.
    Amen to “settling the matter” what a relief from the Lord that would be?! Glory to God!.
    May the Lord Increase and Advance you, deeper and higher in Jesus name. Love to you.

  6. Lana, the past season had a lot of trauma…betrayal, rejection, loss…which broke my heart and crushed my spirit. If not for the sustaining presence of the Holy Ghost, I would’ve perished. God has promised that He would “restore and I would recover ALL”…even “things you are not aware that you have lost”. I have struggled with hope deferred. The disappointment has hovered in the corners… I am SO ready to move forward into the “new” that He has promised. I am waiting on the LORD and my ears are attuned to His voice…for the word of encouragement that will produce the breakthrough needed. Your posts give me hope. Thank you.

  7. Good ☀️ Morning Beloved of God!
    I Bless your Faithfulness to speak forth the Word of the Lord!
    I get so excited ???to see your Emails.
    It’s like Christmas morning every day as a kid! ??✨
    So much has spoken to my heart and He has brought Peace in Jesus Name!

  8. bless you Lana .dont ever doubt the reality of His heart that He enjoys sharing thru you ..I’m like in the secret place over here it’s 4:38am and bam your message..His message ??.be encouraged God’s about to do a new thing with you .Own it..yayyyyyyyy