I was talking to the Lord today, and I was taken into an encounter and He told me He wanted to show me something and I end up in an encounter similar to one I had months ago. 
Suddenly, I find myself in a vision, where I am standing at the door of a dark room. It’s dark and cold and there is a table on the middle of the room. There is no light in the room except for the light emanating from Him. 
In the middle of this table I see wrapped presents, provisions, giftings, sceptres, wheels and what looks like bottles full of living water. Each one of these things is wrapped in chains and has a HUGE padlock on each of them. The table with all these things went as far as my eyes could see. I wondered about the “wheels” on the table and a knowing came to me that the enemy has stealing and trying to destroy specific provisions for the people of God to move forward. 
“These are blessings that the enemy has intercepted, blessings and provisions that he has stolen from My people. What he doesn’t realise is through his ‘stealing’ he has seen that My people are positioned for greater release of restoration than what they had before. The enemy has been taunting many and reminding them of what he has stolen and taken causing many great heartache, growing disappointment, frustration and despair.”
There were SO many blessings in chains. 
He continued..
“This is the dungeon of darkness where the enemy has stored all these stolen blessings and is holding them ransom, but THIS is what is before My people…”
Suddenly, I am taken to a beautiful countryside with a golden road going down the middle. Rolling hills, bright sun, the trees, grass and flowers so bright and alive as we entered in they sung praises to Him. 
My ears were filled with the melody “Praises be to Him, the holy One who turns ALL THINGS around. Praises be to Him, the One who has decreed the divine reversal. Praises be to Him, the Glorious One who is making ALL THINGS NEW and opening new levels of restorative increase.” 
He spoke again..
“This is the DIVINE reversal. The enemy is holding stolen goods at ransom, I am holding him at ransom to repay all he has stolen. The enemy has brought containment over blessings, giftings, revelations I am pouring out, new levels of favour, great provisions, he is doing all he can to bring chaos and containment but I am releasing My people into a UNRESTRAINED level of FREEDOM, blessings, restoration, provision and favourable increase than EVER before. SEVEN TIMES MORE than they had before.”
As I looked down this road there was GIFT after GIFT after GIFT. There were SO many gifts everywhere. Not only what was stolen was given back but SEVENFOLD more. 
The enemy is fooling around attempting to create diversions, delays, trouble, chaos and hindrance to the blessings, giftings, provisions, etc that the Lord is releasing, but be encouraged as you continue to stand your ground, you are moving into great RESTORATION. But not just restoration of what was stolen and lost but MORE than you had before. 
What the enemy has tried to hide from you, stop you from seeing clearly, the Lord unveiling. As the people of God press in a SHARPER gift of sight from the Lord was being given. A SHARPER discernment, a GREATER wisdom, a greater release of revelation of His Word.
 All that has been delayed is being released now in an accelerated new day.
Do not be discouraged by the ‘fooling around’ of the enemy, but REJOICE, because the enemy stealing from you and hassling you, has positioned you for greater release and restoration. Manifested promises of God and so much more are at your door.


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  1. Another timely word that has been occurring in my life. The Lord gave me the promise, “Delays don’t mean denial…” This message confirms His promise to me. Thanks, again, Lana for sharing this. Blessings…

  2. Great post and the picture on your header is very fitting, there is a whole new lightness about this website.
    Also, it’s really great that Steve Schultz was able to post on here and explain what we are sowing into as I’ve considered sowing before but I just didn’t know what the money was going towards, this has made it much clearer and we will certainly be giving in the future. Blessings

  3. I hang onto each word of this message. Praise God, this tormenting season is over! Please pray that I will continue to stand my ground in faith. Amen

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