"Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession." – Psalm 2:8

I had an encounter with the Lord where I saw many of the people of God crying out to know His heart, many were crying out for deeper revelation and the "MORE" of God. To walk in the "MORE" that is already theirs.

"My people, do you want to know what is on My heart? The nations are on My heart. Many nations have reached a tipping point."

There was such a longing in His voice, His voice filled with longing for His people to partner with Him for what He wants to do NOW in the nations.

One after another I heard the people of God begin crying out "Give me your heart for the nations, Lord let me feel what you feel for the nations."


I then saw the Lord blow His breath over His people crying out and the most glorious HUGE whirlwind I have ever seen was released in His breath. As this whirlwind spun and spun I could see so many FLAGS of the nations spinning within this whirlwind. This heavenly whirlwind held the heart of God for nations of the world. Revelation of what He wants to do in the nations and breathe upon the nations.

As the whirlwind began to pass over the people of God that were crying out, I saw flags falling out of this whirlwind upon the people of God and as the flags landed on top of them, they began to weep as they received the heart of the Father for the specific nation/s. Intercession began to go to a level that I have not seen before. DEEP DEEP groanings of heaven being birthed in the people of God. As they cried out in intercession for the particular nation/s that had been released over them, I saw a JIGSAW PUZZLE being given to each person. It was labelled "A MISSING PIECE".

Suddenly, the knowing came to me of this missing piece. It was the revelation of what the Lord has called that specific person to invest into that particular nation. Revelation of how the Lord wants to use them to bring change, righteousness and change in that particular nation. For some it was through intercession, for some it was through mission, for some it was through a move into that nation and ministering in the marketplace. But each piece of the puzzle that was released was an invitation from God to partner with Him whether you leave your nation or not to see a NATION CHANGED.


The Lord is stirring a particular nation or nations in the hearts of His people right now as they press in to know more of what is on His heart. The stirring is becoming more and more intense as the ‘pressing in’ is taking place.

Do not push aside the stirring you are feeling, or let your mind get in the way. The Lord is releasing His heart to you for the nations. Research the nation on your heart, continue to intercede for the Lord is releasing kingdom keys through encounters with Him, prophetic words and dreams in this season to withdraw the revelation from. When this revelation is applied, they are becoming KEYS to unlock nations, even from your own living room as you pray.

Many of you need to pay SPECIFIC attention to your dreams and the geographical locations in your dreams, for they are Kingdom keys being given to you within these dreams and locations that will birth new assignments.


This is a tremendous time of BIRTHING and TURNING in the nations, and many nations have reached a tipping point. What the Lord is giving YOU is important for the nation/s. You have a part to play, ask Him what your "missing piece" to the big picture of a nation is. It may be financial sowing into missions, it may be intercession, it may be prophetic words released, it may be ministering in the marketplace in that nation. It may be in media, it may be in arts, it may require a huge physical move. The Lord is stirring the hearts of His people as they press in for the nations, for there is a harvest to be taken in the nations as His people play their part.


The Lord is wanting to shape the 7 mountains of culture (media, education arts, religion, business, government, family) THROUGH YOU!!!!!!!! Don’t let the enemy tell you that your prayers are not powerful, THEY ARE. As you pray MUCH is happening over the nations and ready to be poured out as the people of God partner with Him and stand in the gap through repentance on behalf of a nation, speaking blessing and not judgement and bringing honour where honour is due, despite the darkness that is seen. There is STILL GOLD IN THE NATIONS! God wants to release MORE GOLD and His Glory THROUGH YOU!!!!

SPECIFICALLY ask the Lord how He wants to use you to bring His Kingdom into the 7 mountains of culture. I saw an ACCELERATION of His people being sent into the 7 mountains as heavenly undercover agents to usher in His Glory!!!!!! God is doing a new thing! A new way is upon us!

Use the "bad news" you see and hear in nations as platforms to ask the Lord how you can be part of BRINGING CHANGE.

Don’t give up on the nations people of God. Do not be swayed by the rumbling and darkness you see in the nations, for God has a RESCUE plan that He wants to put into place, but we MUST play our part.

The Lord is releasing His heart for the nations because there is a shaking happening in the world right now and the Lord is showing you which MOUNTAIN of CULTURE He wants you to invest into in a nation/s.

It’s time to press in people. What God is calling you to do is BIGGER THAN YOU THINK! You are empowered to partner with Him to shape a nation through the mountains of culture. God wants to use YOU to transform a nation.

There is a birthing for the nations taking place! Press in! It’s time for the Church to shine in the nations. The nations are crying out for the revelation of the Glory of God, and He is going to use YOU to reflect it every where you go. On top of that Jesus is going to give you Kingdom keys that will see the unlocking of nations happen at a DEEPER level. This is a CRITICAL TIME in the body of Christ for the nations. It is time to take the Lord at His Word! Destiny DOORS await in the pressing in for nations. They will fling WIDE OPEN as you press in for His revelatory keys for the nations.


Please, take Him up on His invitation.. YOU WORLD-CHANGER YOU! The nations are WAITING FOR YOU! ARISE AND SHINE, YOUR TIME HAS COME!


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  1. The Nation God has put on my heart is the Sioux Nation. Thank you for this timely word.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Lisa K. Roberts

    ~ Believe! The best is yet to come!~

    ” Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

    “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein


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