While I was asleep I saw a huge dining table that was set and then I heard the voice of the Lord and He said:

"There is an invitation for you to a table of great revelation before you"

When I awoke and began to talk to the Lord about this I felt Him say:

"The month of May sees the release of a great invitation for greater revelation."


There is an invitation from God that has been released at the beginning of May inviting His people to sit at the table of greater revelation.

In my dream the "table" stood out to Me, and I felt the Lord saying that the revelation is being released at the TABLE because a table is a place of intimacy, relationship and sharing. Revelation is going to be released in exponential ways through INTIMACY with Jesus.

A significant increase in revelation is being released in May that will see the rest of the year affected by the revelation received in this month. The Lord is inviting His people into depths that they have not been in before. Depths of revelatory treasures of His Word and His nature, that is going to bring about tremendous breakthrough, deliverance and increased momentum.

"For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God." – 1 Corinthians 2:10

The level of revelation the Lord is releasing is coming with great clarity. I saw the people of God receiving arrows of revelation from heaven and as they placed them in their bow and fired them I saw these arrows hit "BULLSEYE".

What the Lord is releasing to His people in revelation through His Word, through time spent with Him and in worship is going to bring a great UNLOCK. The BULLSEYE will be hit as the revelation received from God is put into action and it will release breakthrough.

The table that was set before the people of God as they ate of the revelation from God was being replenished as quickly as it was being eaten. The level of revelation the Lord is releasing His people into is unlike any they have experienced before. The invitation before the people of God, as it is accepted, is taking the people of God into the "more" they have been crying out for, and it is "more than ever before".

As the people of God accept the invitation from God, the people of God will be adorned in the heavenly array of revelation like never before. The specific revelation released from God is carrying with it a breakthrough anointing to move into greater revelation of JESUS.


I saw many have been crying out wondering at "what stage" they are on the journey with God. As the people of God accept this invitation for greater revelation, the Lord is releasing heavenly compasses. Compasses to remind the people of God to continue to keep Him as their TRUE NORTH and TRUE SOURCE, but also releasing direction in this season. May will be a season of great DIRECTION. It will be important in the month of May to be open to change, for NEW DIRECTIONS are coming in the month of May.

The Lord is releasing revelation for where you are at in your journey with Him, but also where you are GOING.


I saw the Lord delivering His people from intense troubles, distress and great despair.

"Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He delivered them out of their distresses." – Psalm 107:6

The Lord is moving His people from cries of "May Day" to "Pay Day". I have written a lot lately about being on the "cusp" of breakthrough, and I have felt May is seeing the people of God move from the despaired cries for breakthrough out of their troubles, despair and distresses (May Day) into "PAY DAY". The physical manifestation of deliverance and harvest. Rewards for faithfulness, seeds of obedience and faith sown – flourishing and supernatural deliverance.


"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows." (Psalm 23:5)

"Now, we know when God says he’s catering, the dinner won’t be just any ordinary meal. The word for table in this verse means "spread." God isn’t speaking of just a little plate of food. He’s talking about a vast spread of goods – a massive feast. He sets before us row upon row of delightful heavenly foods, for us to taste and eat. In biblical terms, there are two kinds of enemies – the demonic kind and the human kind. Here in the 23rd Psalm, David is referring to demonic enemies. These represent the devil and all of his hellish principalities and powers." – David Wilkerson

In the month of May, as the people of God accept His invitation of greater revelation, they will see the Lord prepare a table before them in the presence of their enemies.

Where the enemy has tried to trip you up, where he has thrown things at you to stop you, where he has used people to tear you down, where he has reminded you of failures of past, where he has thrown curveball after curveball at you, God is preparing a feast before you.

He is going to display His goodness, His favour, His kindness, His love, His anointing over your life. In the month of May you will see a greater "spread" of heavenly delicacies before you in the presence of your enemies. Where the enemy thought he had held you down, where the enemy had thought he had won, he had finally found something to defeat you, now you shall ARISE. You shall arise with great strength in His power, moving in greater anointing, filled with greater joy, and moving in greater favour as you feast on the harvest the Lord is placing before you. You will see the manifestation of "The Lord fighting for you". (Exodus 14:14) Your cup shall OVERFLOW!

You are being vindicated, restored and released!

The key to the month of May, is accepting the invitation to move into greater revelation. You will be adorned with greater heavenly array of revelation!

May is holding a profound invitation to a table of greater revelation. It’s time to take your seat!


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    Judy Lee Dodson

  2. I like to thank you, for minister to me, so powerful into my spirit!!! If you please keep me Lidia Hidalgo in your prayers, for an explosion of a breakthrough, in every area of my life, physically, financial, emotional, deliverance from hidden enemies, and persecution, also for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, Boldness to speak the word of the Lord God, with Power and life in it, revelation to write and articulate my book with clarity and to the honor and glory of our Heavenly Father. Praise the Lord God for He is Mighty and worthy to be praise!!!!                                                                                        Amen!!!!                                                                                       Sincerely                                                                                              Yours:                                                                                           Lidia Hidalgo.

  3. Thanks Lana, Your posts come right after I hear the same things from the father. Just the encouragement needed at this time. There are two things I am hearing now. One is we are in the final moments of the two year period after Joseph spoke to the cup bearer and the Baker. It’s a place of feeling forgotten and going deeper in trusting the Lord. The second word is like this first one. In Genesis 22 Abraham comes to a place where he must lay his son, Isaac (laughter), on the altar. His heart is proven in this moment and that place is named “the Lord will provide.” The father’s provision, laughter and hope for promises fulfilled are being restored. He has chosen us from his quiver and placed us be his hand on the bow. We are locked and loaded, looking intently at the target he is looking at as well only we have been experiencing his incredible potential energy being infused into us as we feel our selves moving backward away from our destination. Now is the time for us to be released. We will hit the mark and nothing will keep us from it. For he is watching over his word to perform it.

    Blessings, Frank

  4. Hi Lana,

    Thank you so much for this encouraging word (I read your prophecies every day and they are such an encouragement for me) I’m a prophetic painting (from Holland) and with this word I had to think of a painting I made a few years ago and it’s called “Heavenly Meal” and it’s the invitiation of the Lord to have this meal with me. I want to share this panting with you. God bless, Jeanine de Hek

  5. Hi Lana

    We REALLY THANK YOU for this timeous word re MAY!

    We prayed MAYDAY MAYDAY last nite AND decreed Psalm 107:6 x 4!

    The people of God are in the Spirit!!


    We have to move this week-no money,food,place to go to!!


    It is a satanic attack against us (4 months ago in a dreamx3 in one nite…..witches declared they had set up what we are going thru…

    We have asked so many for help- WE NEED A GOOD SAMARITAN to take in the prophets!

    My commercial property deals commissions are in excess of R6 million ……. not finalised yet!!


    Thank you Lana!

    Blessings to you!

    Mike and Fiona Koyd
    Port Elizabeth
    South Africa
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  6. I say amen. Powerful word. I receive this word. Let the revelation flow

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  7. Being led to be quiet & still this weekend to clearly hear His Will.

    Thank you so much for everything, Angels!!

    Evg. Esther


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