I saw many feeling very restless and discontent, but this discontentment was a holy discontentment.

The craving hunger for "more" and yet feeling like they are not moving. Wisdom being applied in circumstances and the travailing to see heaven come to earth.

There has been a feeling over many of feeling "stuck" and not moving forward. Many have continued to press in and continued to seek and the Lord continues to speak and lead but the momentum has not been seen yet.

I was reminded of a picture I saw a few weeks ago of an arrow and it being drawn backwards and a quote about if you are feeling circumstances holding you back, to not be discouraged because you are about to be propelled forward.

I felt to encourage the people of God that are feeling "stuck" all of a sudden like momentum has stopped and wondering what they have done wrong, continue to press in for momentum is building behind you and you are about to JUMP!

I saw a wave behind the people of God building and building and building and those ones that are positioned and seeking Him are about to catch a wave of His Spirit that is going to bring such momentum and acceleration that many "natural processes" will be bypassed. I saw what looked like the yellow brick road on the Wizard of Oz movie and many of the people of God were jumping on it and taking huge amounts of ground in very short amounts of time. Jumps of favour will manifest as the people of God ride this wave of the Holy Spirit.

Riding this wave many of the people of God will understand the language of the Holy Spirit at a deeper level and more alert to what He is breathing upon and as they partner with it, what they touch will turn to gold.

Prophetic insight is being released in this wave to bring clarity, new perspective and heavenly declarations to see atmospheres shift.

Keep standing, even though you feel stuck. Keep doing what He has told you to do because a HUGE wave is building behind you. You are positioned and looking to Him. You will not miss it but catch a HUGE wave of the moving of the Holy Spirit and become gloriously overwhelmed and in over your head with heavens kiss of favour.


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  1. Yes… This has been a reoccurring word now for a while. Expectations are high for the increase to release into the fullness he so desires for us now! Thank you.

  2. Your prophetic words bear witness with me and confirmation. Thank you!God Bless!!

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