I saw many across the body of Christ, men and women who have been in a “midwifery” position in this season.

Where they have been alongside those who have been birthing. They have been alongside those who are moving in great favour, who are seeing the promises of God fulfilled and manifested in their life. They are moving through the transition of the “birthing” and intense “labour pangs” and have now moved into the last stage of “pushing” that is seeing the baby coming into “being”.

These midwives male and female, have given over and over and have stood faithfully besides these ones who have been birthing continually giving and encouraging and being a pillar of strength.

Yet in the past few months many of these midwives have begun to feel “forgotten”, they have been fighting “comparison”, discouragement has begun to set in as they stand with those around them that are moving powerfully into alignment, fulfilment and acceleration and their birthing seems further away than ever.

These ones who have felt the Lord place them in this position of “midwifery” to help and encourage those around them who are birthing, as you have continued to bless, encourage and assist them, you yourself are now going to be refreshed.

"The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11:25

Midwives it is YOUR TURN!!!!! You have NOT been forgotten. The Lord has seen the sacrifice you have paid so others may ascend higher, that others may stand tall, may move forward. You have given and given out of a heart of beautiful generosity. A WAVE is coming towards you now, a WAVE of great refreshing.

You are about to be refreshed in bigger ways than you gave out. I saw you giving out bucket after bucket after bucket of love and this has risen up to the Lord as a beautiful aroma of sacrifice and praise. You have done it unto the Lord, and IT IS YOUR TURN!!!!

As you have watched those who have been birthing move into deep encounters and acceleration, now you shall move into deep encounters with Him.

Your season of encounter and birthing has arrived!!!!!!! As you move into your own season of encounter, refreshing and birthing, your capacity has been increased that you will pour out love and encouragement to MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU HAVE BEFORE EVEN IN your birthing place. There are huge amounts of favour, grace and anointing oil being poured over you midwives as you have given selflessly, without complaining and in love. You have represented Him WELL!

It is now your turn, and you shall see others come alongside to give and encourage and uplift you as you have done for many. As they give to you and you give even in your birthing process DEEP UNITY is being birthed in the body of Christ.

Spiritual midwives, a HUGE WAVE of refreshing FAVOUR is coming at you!!!!!! He has seen what you have done in secret. He is now going to reward you OPENLY! He is SO SO pleased!


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  1. Thanks for posting this I just had someone to speak over my life that I was a midwife and just the other day God told me in 30 days that I am going to give birth…

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