God is now birthing visions and dreams and there is a financial release to put "wheels" on dreams God has given you.

I felt this a few months ago and I believe the Lord brought it back to my heart again in this past little while.

The "hindrance" of finances to move forward with the vision the Lord has given to many is now being removed. Finances will no longer be an issue into putting into practise the "blueprint of heaven" the Lord has released.


There is a financial breakthrough happening in the body of Christ now where decades of debts and stolen inheritances are being restored. Financial injustices are being broken.

Great financial blessing is being released upon many to be a blessing to others.

I saw many relationship breakdowns that have happened, and situations where people have been hurt and cursed by other fellow believers. Do not be dismayed if the Spirit of God prompts you to give to these ones who have hurt, cursed you or you have lost relationship with, financially and in some cases anonymously. For as you give great healing and restoration of individual hearts will take place. In some cases, there will be great restoration of relationship.


I saw an angel of blessing being released from heaven and he was holding what looked like a HUGE watering can. It could have watered a whole nation in a moment.

I saw this angel being released over seeds of faithful financial stewardship, seeds of generosity, seeds of obedience, and seeds of contending and as he began to pour living water over these seeds, beautiful TREES erupted out of these seeds suddenly and there was glorious fruit upon these trees.

The Lord is sending financial blessing upon these seeds to bring great increase. I then felt the Lord say "Lana, pay attention to the fruit" and I saw the most beautiful ripe, colourful fruit and people were coming from FAR AND WIDE and taking of this fruit and eating and being restored, blessed, encouraged and awakened.

The Lord is releasing this financial breakthrough to extend His Kingdom and see many from all the world receive encouragement, salvation, refreshment and restoration from the blessing.

Whatever financial increase the Lord has placed in your hands, press in to hear His heart for that increase and how He wants you to steward the increase in extending His Kingdom and as you sow this financial increase MORE FRUIT than you realise will blossom forth that will see healing, restoration, salvation, encouragement and awakening come into more lives than you could imagine.

Your faithful sowing will create a RIPPLE effect and those ripples will go further and wider than you have dreamed, and ripple back to you tenfold.


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  1. This is amazing confirmation!! My husband just finished praying for financial breakthrough and we both saw angels being sent to retrieve our losses. Then 5 minutes later, your post comes through!!
    Every single one of your prophecies speak directly into our lives and answer heartfelt, agonising prayers.
    Thank you!!!! Many blessings to you!!!

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