There is a stretching and a shaking taking place for many of the people of God where they are being led to a place of holy discontentment. Do not despise the frustration that you feel in the transition for you are in one of the greatest places of increase.

You are in one of the greatest increases because the Lord is birthing GREAT HUNGER within you. This hunger shall increase and increase and as you press in, He is bringing about a great EXTEND so you can ASCEND.

His heart for you is to go higher. His heart for you is to go deeper. His heart for you is to see with greater clarity, to hear more clearly, to speak more boldly and to love more passionately.


Do not give up in your frustration and “holy discontentment” for seeing more of Him and seeing His promises fulfilled and greater breakthrough, for you moving into the birthing suite of intimacy with Him.

As you press in, and as you cry out, as the hunger increases you shall be extended to carry something far more beautiful and greater than you are dreaming about.

You are in the birthing suite because you are birthing your destiny.

Intense hunger pains are increasing as your heart and spirit cries out for MORE. YOU ARE GOING TO SEE HIM! Keep pressing in.

The hunger pangs as you press into them, are the PATHWAY to SEEING HIM!

I have felt strongly in the last month that many of the people of God are on the brink of their greatest encounters with Him yet, that will bring complete life transformation and healing. Press into these hunger pangs and press into the holy frustration by crying out for more.

He will not turn you away. He will embrace you with open arms and this stretching and shaking birthing these hunger pangs are shaping you to release His presence and see His Kingdom established EVERYWHERE your feet tread. A conduit of revival.


Healings on the streets, signs and wonders in the marketplace, powerful prophetic words in governmental arenas that will bring about radical atmosphere shifts, visitations of God in churches and schools and homes that bring radical transformation.


There is a clarion call from heaven, a trumpet sounding. Press in! Press IN to these hunger pangs. The enemy would seek for you to be discouraged by these hunger pangs, and the stretching and shaking, but fix your eyes on Him, stay steadfast and KNOW you are going to ENCOUNTER HIM!!!!!!!!


Destinies and dreams are being birthed through these hunger pangs in the birthing suite of deep intimacy with Him. Deep prophetic visions and encounters with Him will happen over the next 8 weeks, leading many of the people of God into new beginnings.

Get ready for the hunger to increase on exponential levels. Even in the midst of the hunger pangs as you press through you will NOT become discouraged but HOPE will arise.


Embrace your hunger pangs, and holy frustration for they are the platform of invitation in your greatest encounters with Him yet that in some cases will bring overnight transformation.


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