This morning while in prayer I saw Angels being sent by the Lord and they were stirring a beautiful crystal clear blue pond, it reminded me of the story of the angel stirring the pool at Bethesda in John 5. As the angel stirred the waters the light caught the top of the waters, there was a rainbow reflection. All the colours of the rainbow shone. As the Angels stirred these colours became more and more vibrant.

Suddenly I then heard the Lord and I heard Him say “Come to the waters, there is healing here.” Healing is taking place on deep emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Specific things in the lives of the people of God that has prevented them from walking, from thriving, from feeling like they move in the abundant life, but living each day to simply survive. Holds that the enemy has had on many in their physical bodies for decades was being broken off and healed as they stepped into the waters.

I sensed the Lord saying the way to enter these waters is to be positioned for encounters in faith and BELIEVE. BELIEF was a HUGE key. Believe in His goodness and the truth of His Word.

Decades of suffering on physical, emotional and spiritual levels are being healed. Again I heard Him say “Come into the waters, I will meet you here.” It was a wholehearted leap of faith, a radical level of trust to fall into His arms and surrender and rest in Him trusting He is working for your good. The encounters that will be had with Jesus in these waters will bring great healing.

Ask Him to show you how to enter the waters His angelic hosts are stirring. Let His Spirit lead you. The river was multicoloured because in the encounters with Him, again shall you be reminded of the goodness of God and the depth of His promises and faithfulness to you.

The years of struggling and the enemy stealing from you in your mind, your health, your emotions and your heart are being broken and more restored back to you than ever before.

You are being called into the waters. A heavenly summons! Jump in by feasting on His Word, soak in His presence, worship His majesty and watch wholeness birth in your life. You are being positioned to THRIVE in every day life!



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  1. Thanx for your word, Lana! It a well-timed one for me. I’m not going to wait for someone to help me get into the waters..gonna leap off into His waters of healing… expecting a creative miracle, after removal of bladder due to cancer! Pray for me.

    David Abraham [India]

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