I saw such a heavy cloud of despair falling heavier and heavier upon many of the people of God.

Circumstances, health and financial issues all looking too hard to bear. The weight seems to be getting heavier instead of lighter. The exhaustion seems to increase even though their spirit hears the Lord speak words of breakthrough and life, yet the wait and hardship remains.

I felt on my heart this morning to encourage these ones to MAKE THE CHOICE to NOT despair. Choose to put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Make the choice to rejoice and not despair for He is coming to bring radical repair.

What looks broken in your life, He is coming to repair. He is building your faith and praise muscles. Keep pressing through!!!

Do not give up hope! For you are about to see your miracle. Like a miner has to slowly chip away at the rock, day after day till suddenly one day he finds gold.

Your faithful chipping away and choosing to praise is going to pay off.

You are about to see one of your greatest miracles of repair. Look away from despair, despite what your emotions scream and look to HIM. Situations may look dim, but the truth is you are RIGHT ON THE BRINK…



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