I saw many of the people of God standing looking at a HUGE mountain of trial before them and it was causing huge amounts of despair and discouragement.

There are areas of the people of God’s lives that just continues to be a constant struggle void of breakthrough. Void of shifting, void of moving and growing disappointment, these mountains continue to arise.

I then saw Jesus standing beside these ones and He was reminding them of the truth of His Word. The power of declaration of His Word. Reminding them of His grace over their life, His supernatural grace to overcome. His hope and goodness that even with the twists and turns and disappointments something GREATER awaits.

I then saw Jesus encourage His people to look past the trial to remember the promises and heavenly vision He has given to them. Encouraging them to believe again and have faith and trust again in His goodness. He then pointed past the mountain of trial and a mountain DOUBLE the size was on the other side of the mountain of trial. It was a HUGE mountain FLOWING with milk and honey and had such abundance of fruit.

Many have found the beginning of 2015 one of intense hardship and that is because there is great blessing, increase, abundance and blessing waiting for you on the other side of this mountain of trial. Keep moving forward!

Don’t give up! Keep putting one foot in front of the other each day knowing He has something BIGGER and GREATER for you on the other side of this mountain of trial. There will be SIGNIFICANT SHIFT and CHANGE. No more sighs, but a life of greater peace, joy and victory as you continue to trust Him.

This trial WILL lift and you will move into a significant divine shift! God will open doors of gladness, opportunity and joy!

Remember His promises and His vision, a mountain of blessing, increase and abundance await you on the other side of this trial.

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  1. We are going to receive “Double.” We are almost to the other side of this mountain!!!!!!! Stay lifted, encouraged and excited!!!!!!


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