If you have an unexpected “twist” in your journey with Him that has left you disappointed or discouraged, take heart for the Lord is positioning His people into BIGGER and BRIGHTER things than they could imagine. (Eph 3:20)

Get ready to experience a greater kiss of heaven’s favour over your life. For what He has planned is greater, more beautiful, more glorious and will fill you with more joy than ever and is CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU!!!

Trust in Him and the plans He has for you, for they are GOOD and greater doors of opportunity, creativity, favour and heavenly potential await you.

Guard your heart from disappointment and know that you are about to step into some of the greatest heavenly appointments of your life.

It is a new dawn, a new day and there is a new way but you are going to FLY!!!!!


  1. I believe this goes in line with a video I just watched from Matt Sorger, titled, Change Your Identity. He talks about stepping out in the Spirit man – a Mighty man of Valor. In order to do this, he explains the transition that takes place and HOW to do it FEARLESSLY and CONFIDENTLY.

    This I say in reference to your sentence, ‘you are about to step into some of the greatest heavenly appointments of your life’. Our life IS Jesus. We step out as and in Him and all He IS. Shalom! Shalom!

  2. Oh I am TRYING to trust God…and to NOT be disappointed in the long wait for His promises to take place. I appreciate EVERY word which you write…I pray I can encourage others someday as you have so much encouraged me as I am in this seemingly LONG waiting period for promises to manifest….to not allow frustration and disappointment to pull me under. Thank you Lana, you are very touching hearts and minds in all you write!

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