There has been a specific attack against many to steal their joy. The enemy bringing more and more pressure upon God’s people to see their joy squandered and lost.

The Lord is infusing His people with impartations of joy (contentment and heavenly expectation) as they look to Him.

Heads have been bowed down in discouragement, hopelessness and exhaustion. The Lord is lifting His people’s heads to see His glorious heart, nature and provision again. The lifter of their heads is turning things around with His favour and releasing joy in infinite proportions. Get ready for double for your trouble!

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  1. Yes, we’re ready with great expectation of our glorious God and Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit revealing “His glorious heart, nature and porvision again.” Thank You Lord, thank You!!!

  2. Thankyou for the word about joy 🙂 it has been such a difficult time in the last few years …

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