For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you who works for those who wait for him!” – Isaiah 64:4

The Lord is encountering His people and birthing greater hope within them. I saw hope being birthed in the people of God and they were dreaming on levels they have never know before and in the natural are completely impossible.

Downloads from heaven are happening now where the Lord is dreaming with His people but it is bigger than many of His people have ever imagined.

Continue to wait on Him for how He is going to “pull this off” is going to be glorious as He works FOR you.

The enemy seeks to crush the hope of the people of God especially in the past few weeks. Many have found it so hard to simply “hold onto hope” anymore. Stand tall and wait for Him, watch how He is going to work FOR you! The enemy has been specifically targeting crushing hopes because of the high hopes and BIG dreams and blueprints God is releasing.

He is releasing greater faith for the impossible! To see impossibilities turned to possibilities.

Do not allow the fear of disappointment drown your hopes and dreams in Him. Some of the greatest blueprints of heaven are now being birthed for new books, songs, media, movies and arts for HIS GLORY and namesake. Do not allow the fact you don’t know “HOW” it will work kill your creativity. Dream with Him in His presence and embrace all He is downloading.

Do not fear “twists” and “turns” in the road. Some of your greatest blessings will find you in those “twists and turns”. Simply wait for Him and watch Him work!!!!

What He is doing and about to do, is so much bigger and more amazing than we realise!

Fly on the wings of hope and embrace the huge dreams and high hopes He is releasing through faith and wait for Him. He will bring the wisdom and provision to see these “impossible” dreams made manifest. Dream with Him!!!

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  1. I just got a download from the Lord from a prophetic friend. She gave me this within the word: ” You are ever changing, ever increasing & dreaming bigger for/in His name’s sake. You are a witness to set the prisoners free. ” I have been googling the verbiage and how it relates to His calling for my life. I specifically have been praying to host an ongoing prophetic prayer and worship night at my church. Not having any “college” experience here or a high range in tone, I have been seeking the Lord on the hows and whens. I desire to use my voice to sing for His people, to draw them closer to Him through a night of healing worship…a true encounter, where praise is the forefront of it all. Because praise is how i come to Jesus, how I talk to him, how I am in union with Him. I know how great it feels to do so and its been hard to find that in the new town that the Lord moved our family too. I also have been pressed to do many of the things your described, but it has been hard to have the discipline and trust to do it. Thank you for posting this…I will receive this as confirmation to stay on His path for me and continue to reach for His glory and dream in big ways! God bless!!

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