I saw many in distress over obstacles before them. Obstacles that were causing hindrance, division, havoc, stress and hope deferred.

I then heard the words “VICTORY IS ASSURED”. As you live IN HIM you are VICTORIOUS in Him! Victory is assured! It may not look HOW you expect or WHEN but as you keep your eyes on Him, He will use all things for good and you will come out BETTER than before.

The battle here is for your heart. To sway you from your devotion to Him. Stand firm and undivided in your focus upon Him. Obstacles may be screaming but heaven is declaring BIRTHED VICTORY!

The obstacles before you may be fighting to concur to heaven’s alignment but REST ASSURED VICTORY IS ASSURED!

Keep your heart affirmed with His promises and His love. Keep your heart set upon Him with undivided focus and watch how in His beautiful creative loving way you will move forward BETTER than before.

To lose your heart in hopelessness now is to concur with your obstacles and bring a huge defer and delay to what He is about to display.

Hold on! Victory is assured! You WILL walk into a heavenly return (compensation) as you continue to keep your heart in a place to adore Him without any option to turn.

(Image taken from: www.mychristianresource.org)


  1. Thank you Holy Spirit.

    Help me rest in what you’ve accomplished for me. You know it’s so hard to focus and keep fighting. You know I’ve fought bravely and how not giving up takes all the energy and will I have left. Presenting myself on the battlefield today I pray is enough.

  2. I was like who is this new prophet gal? Your words are right on target. Thank you! yours words are very timely and encouraging.


    Terry Vos 402-779-1356


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