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What you are beginning to see unfold, the favour that is being released, the opportunities being presented and the breakthrough that is picking up momentum… IS JUST THE BEGINNING! He has started the “heavenly ball” rolling and as you continue to live surrendered and delighting in Him, you will see Him lead you into overflow beyond what you have imagined. You will be given much more than you have dreamed so you may overflow and see the spirit of generosity explode over your life. This is just the beginning! For many have felt that they had been forgotten, but lately have begun to “see” the release happening. This is just the beginning that will confirm to you that God has been listening and working for your good!!! The truth is… THE BEST IS YET TO COME AND HIS EXTRAVAGANT PROVISIONS AND REVELATION OF HIS PLANS WILL LEAVE YOU UNDONE!! Image taken from: www.mrwallpaper.com
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