"Yet, I know You are most holy – it’s indisputable. You are the Enthroned God, surrounded with songs, Living among the shouted praises of Your princely people". – Psalm 22:3 – Passion Translation. I have prophesied a lot lately about "angelic visitations" and the areas they were ministering to the people of God in. (Wisdom, Finances, Revelation). Today, during worship I saw the people of God making choices despite their surroundings to recklessly abandon themselves to the Lord in praise. The choice to praise NO MATTER "what, when, how and why". As this radical abandonment of worship rose to the Lord, songs of victory and triumph were being released all over the earth. As these people praised, suddenly I heard a LOUD thunderous roar from heaven and I heard a loud booming voice and it said "ASSIGNED and ALIGN". HEAVENLY CYCLONES I then saw these HUGE cyclones coming from heaven at a rapid speed and they were hurtling towards the people of God as they were lost in worship to their Beloved. Their eyes were upon Him and His beauty, fixated upon the splendor of the One who was their ALL in ALL. Their hearts crying out "we will never stop giving you Glory Lord, we will never stop singing to you Lord". These cyclones enveloped the people of God and I saw angelic beings in the midst of these heavenly cyclones and they had been assigned to the people of God to bring about a heavenly ALIGNMENT. As I looked closer at these angelic beings they were angels who were equipped with great swords and as the people of God worshiped they began to cut away chains, things that were entangling the people of God and the walls that the enemy had placed before the people of God to attempt to hinder them from moving forward into all the Lord has for them. ALL obstacles were being removed. Suddenly the people of God were awakened like they had been woken after a deep long refreshing sleep. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Together the people of God in UNISON released a SHOUT of praise "FOREVER HE WILL BE GLORIFIED, THE OMNIPOTENT HOLY ONE WHO IS FOREVER FAITHFUL" HEAVENLY EARTHQUAKE As the people of God shouted EVERYTHING was touched by their praise. The whole earth shook like a violent earthquake, but this earthquake did not come to destroy but to EMPLOY (engage the attention of His people) and everything that was not in place began to fall into place suddenly in miraculous heavenly alignment. The Lord getting His people’s attention even more, leaving them in AWE, falling on their faces crying "HOLY is the FAITHFUL ONE, WHOSE WORD DOES NOT RETURN VOID". I then had the sense upon me that the enemy has been using circumstances, people and sicknesses to bring the people of God to a place where their praise had been stolen from their lips. That the weariness, the struggle, the disappointment, the wait, the loss, the brokenness had brought them to a place where praise was no longer on their lips. The enemy had stolen the most powerful weapon the people of God held in this season. THEIR CONSTANT PRAISE TO HIM in whatever way, shape or form that took. The reckless abandoned heart to worship and praise NO MATTER WHAT was not only seeing the angelic hosts being released to perform a "cutting away" to release the people of God, but coming in a heavenly cyclone that was going to "set things straight". NO MORE REWIND, ALIGNED I then saw these angelic beings releasing huge sacks before the people of God and on the front of these sacks were HUGE "PLAY" symbols like that on a CD player/remote. Suddenly, I had a sense come to my heart that as the people of God refused to allow their eyes to move from being firmly upon Him, that they were moving forward. The people of God were NOT on rewind, they were being ALIGNED. This IS a season of fullness and release. It may not come when you expect, it may not look how you imagined, but the people of God are being aligned and His Kingdom IS being established. I saw a heavy financial burden upon the people of God in the sense of waiting on His provision to move forward. In these "sacks" was PROVISION from the Lord in MANY forms. Each sack had different provisions in there but each sack was exactly the provision needed. The voice boomed again "YOU ARE NOT ON REWIND, YOU ARE BEING ALIGNED, IT IS KINGDOM MANIFESTATION TIME. ALL OVER THE WORLD VOICES SHALL ARISE IN PRAISE.. "ALIGNED.. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS ON THE INCLINE" Restoration, manifestation, rejuvenation is bursting forth! Pick up your sacks, there will be no lack, heaven is coming into contact with earth.
  • Dee Pangilinan

    It has been three years since this word was released, but I only discovered it now. Reading this has made me realize that truly, everything that I have gone through, specifically the upheaval in my life that began in 2015, has all been “written in His book” before the beginning of time. God has always been in control. Thank you, Ms. Lana Vawser, for releasing this prophetic word. I receive it in Jesus’ Name!

    March 11, 2018 at 5:05 am Reply
  • harpeth21

    Amen. I receive. Lana, I don’t know if you know what this means but I was in a vision with Jesus on a carousel. He was alone. As the carousel ? was turning He reached out His hand ✋ and pulled me up with Him. He then lifted me up and sat me on a horse. He walked to the front of the horse, just to my right ? and watched me as I rode. His eyes were filled with a look of being so pleased with MY presence. It was as if He’d waited all His life for this moment to be alone with me to show me His Way. As I think about the look in His eyes and the quiet smile on His face and His beautiful hair flowing, I relive that moment with Him all over again. It brings me BACK TO HIM, in such awe and wonderful delight. His love ❤ is truly like NO OTHER.

    November 23, 2014 at 12:54 am Reply

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