This morning I have had a picture of a lotus flower in my mind. The flower that thrives in conditions of adversity. That has deep roots and stands tall.

I felt many of the people of God are surrounded by adversity, feeling pressed, pressured and almost crushed.

Be steady fo heart and know that His kindness is lifting you above your circumstances to SEE as He sees. A great birthing of the YOU that you were created to be and freedom to express that is being birthed through this adversity as you keep your eyes on Him.

His kindness will be seen SO extravagantly that your roots will plunge deeper in Him and you will stand taller than ever before. You WILL stand in victory above the adversity because you ARE victorious.

The lotus flower is a flower of great beauty, thriving in adversity. Keep your eyes on Him and you will see His beauty, empowerment and comfort over you through this season.

You may not feel like you are thriving but as you keep close to Him you will grow and thrive and be a testimony to ALL of how His goodness lifts us above our circumstances of adversity, relying on His strength and power and beauty to be displayed.


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