Many are feeling lost in the desert. A sense that much is out of order and much has been taken.

I saw a strong desert wind arrive upon these people and all was being lifted up and rearranged. A desert whirlwind is coming. I saw Jesus standing in the heart of the whirlwind, coming to restore. Coming to rearrange. It is time to reclaim what has been lost. In this desert whirlwind came great peace as He was revealed and what was always labelled impossible, became possible. The “desert wind” will bring “dry bones” to life.

Do not run from the desert, it is there you will see, the reclaiming and restoration of all that was lost and miraculous provision.

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  1. Lana? Thank you so much. I hold on to every bit of of this encouraging word! This desert has been going on almost 5 years. It often feel like more than I can bear lately. It seems to take all my strength to take my thoughts captive and stay encouraged and get thru each day. The pain and experience of so much loss is overwhelming me.

    [Jesus I am your beloved and you said I will come up out of this wilderness leaning on you. I claim and ask for full restoration of my health, family, job and finances. I hold on to your word today in Your son’s name. Yeshua]

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